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Dinner Tonight: Bacon and Kimchi Fried Rice

I was literally giddy when I first ran across this recipe from the blog Momofuku for 2. The mix of fatty, salty bacon with the spicy, acidic kimchi felt like a perfect way to dress up this leftover rice standard. I immediately thought of the Kogi truck's kimchi quesadilla, another slightly unhinged creation that's bold, spicy, and definitely not low-cal. I couldn't wait.

This one doesn't quite reach the same heights, but comes close. It's a little too fatty (can you imagine such a thing?), with not enough acid and spice to balance the flavors. I'd recommend adding more kimchi, but then again, I'm kind of addicted to the stuff. Some soy sauce and Sriracha are also nice additions. Like most fried rice recipes, the key is to cook in batches, and to keep the heat on high.

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