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Grilling: Mojo Marinated Chicken

After my most lovely and thoughtful wife bestowed the Weber rotisserie attachment to me over the holidays, I set out on a quest to duplicate a chicken at a local Latin joint I just can't seem to get enough of. Being a novice in this cuisine, my first attempts at finding an appropriate recipe led me to a Peruvian rotisserie chicken instead, which was fine and dandy, but not what this rotisserie was ultimately destined for. With a few months time, a little research, and a lot more cooking and tasting, I've finally come to the answer of what makes that chicken so great—something that would probably have been blatantly obvious to anyone more experienced in this realm—it's doused in mojo sauce!

I knew there was a strong acidity to those lovely birds, and mojo sauce is built on a base of sour oranges. My hood not being the largest supplier of this breed of orange (I couldn't find a one), I instead went with a mixture of regular orange juice, lemon, and lime which was combined with oil, garlic, oregano, and cumin to form the marinade. This was then dumped over a chicken and let marinate for about 4 hours before being set on the rotisserie to cook, where the bird was basted every so often with a little more of the sauce.

What came off the rotisserie an hour and half later was a sight for sore eyes. Beautifully brown, the skin was crammed with citrus flavor that matched, if not out did, what I enjoy during so many lunches, and the chicken was as juicy as can be. Finally putting my first rotisserie challenge to rest, I'm ready to open the full possibilities of the device, leaving the question, "What's next?"

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