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Dinner Tonight: Chiles en Nogada

[Photograph: Blake Royer]

While chiles rellenos have achieved relative fame—perhaps because there's no arguing with a stuffed and fried pepper—there is another stuffed poblano dish from the Puebla region of Mexico that is equally delicious, and a little less heavy. Chiles en Nogada—"nogada" refers to the creamy walnut sauce poured over everything—uses a poblano pepper that is charred and skinned, carefully deseeded, and filled with an unusual, delicious mixture of ground meat, fruit, and spices.

Looking at the ingredient list, it doesn't seem to make much sense. Peaches? Pineapple? Pork? But when it comes together it's a surprising combination, both in flavor and texture: aromatic, savory, and sweet, often all at once.

Traditionally the dish is garnished with pomegranate seeds, which become the third color of the Mexican flag. I didn't have any when making this dish, but they would make a nice touch.

Adapted from chef Dudley Nieto.

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