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Dinner Tonight: Apple, Arugula, and Pancetta Salad with Quail Eggs

[Photograph: Nick Kindelsperger]

I'm a sucker for quail eggs. Doesn't matter where I am, or what I have planned for dinner, for some reason whenever I run into the cute little eggs I have to buy them. Perhaps it's because they're so cute. Thing is, I really only have one recipe for them, which usually means I am left with a half-filled carton of quail eggs sitting in my fridge (at all times).

Hopefully not anymore, because they turn out to be perfect for salads. While some people like the poached egg on a salad trick (ahem, Blake), I've always preferred hard-boiled eggs—I think they mingle better with the rest of the ingredients. I based this salad on a pear and arugula salad recipe on Epicurious, except that I swapped in apples, took out the pears, and added the quail eggs. It worked beautifully.

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