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Sunday Brunch: Bacon Cheddar Broiled Grits

Grits earned their spot on my childhood do-not-eat list on account of their name, I think; if you asked me, grit sounded about as appealing as lint. Once polenta made it off the list, a few years ago, I figured it was time to reevaluate grits, too, and boy howdy—are they are fantastically, soothingly easy to love.

Plain grits are a fine thing, yes, but grits plus bacon and cheese will win over anyone. Since I didn't grow up eating the dish, I can't say whether I stirred the pot to corny perfection. Indeed, I fear I found a lump or two in my bowl, but I was eating too happily to slow my spoon for a careful investigation. The Lee brothers suggest serving these grits with scrambled eggs, but also imply that after a rough night you might want nothing more than a big bowl of grits, a spoon, and a tall mimosa. They also advise against instant grits, urging us to look instead for the label "stone-ground" or "old-fashioned."

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