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Serious Heat: Okra-Fried Jalapenos

"These are massively addictive."

It's always exciting when someone presents you with a new way to prepare a dish that had never crossed your mind before. This was the case while I was interviewing Chattanooga resident and chef Kent Whitaker for an upcoming article in on tailgating. He mentioned his favorite way to eat jalapenos—battered and fried a la okra and dipped in a creamy horseradish sauce.

The results were fabulous. Always a fan of fried pickles, battered jalapenos combine that same pickled sourness along with the spiciness of the pepper—and it's all encased in a crispy coating, then dipped into a cooling horseradish sauce.

Kent advices using any recipe you have for fried okra and just switching out okra for pickled jalapenos. Just be sure to drain the pickled jalapenos very well before coating. Crushed tortilla chips or Fritos add an extra crispiness to the batter. And a little warning—make more than you think you need. These are massively addictive.

Fried Jalapeno Peppers with Horseradish Dipping Sauce

About the author: Andrea Lynn is senior editor for Chile Pepper magazine, where she not only creates a wide range of zesty recipes for readers, but also participates in numerous tastings for hot sauce, salsa, and other spice-laden products (even chocolate!). Her favorite chile? A tie between the mild yet flavorful poblano and the mighty, reliable fire of the serrano.

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