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Dinner Tonight: Curried-Pork Noodles

[Photograph: Nick Kindelsperger]

I honestly picked this dish from Gourmet because it reminded me ever so slightly of Mapo Doufu, even though it barely contains any of the same ingredients, and is way more Thai than anything resembling Chinese.

But hear me out.

Both dishes start with a base of ground pork tossed in a hot wok, then add aromatics and bold flavors on top. In this case, the curry powder and fish sauce create the funky base.

The result is a mild and aromatic dish, more of a pleasant meal than the brash and daring Mapo Doufu. But sometimes that's a good thing. Not everything can be full throttle, though I will admit that some sriracha helps wake things up here. And depending on your curry powder and fish sauce, there may not be enough salt here. So taste as you go, and add more salt if needed.

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