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Cook the Book: Sachertorte

[Photograph: Caroline Russock]

I think that Lucy Baker and I were of the same mind when it came to the classic Viennese dessert, the Sachertorte. It seemed like a chocolate cake best enjoyed at a Viennese café and not something that was relatively simple to make at home. But in Lucy's intro to the recipe in The Boozy Baker she makes the cake seem easy, and after having nothing but success with her recipes I was apt to believe her. And the prospect of having an entire Sachertorte at home didn't hurt either.

The Sachertorte is basically a dense chocolate cake layered with apricot jam and finished with a chocolate glaze. The Viennese generally consider the cake to be too dry to eat on its own so it is typically served with a dollop of schlag, or sweetened whipped cream, but if you ask me, I think it's just an excuse to enjoy a little more whipped cream.

Lucy's Sachertorte adds apricot brandy to the sponge cake layers, the apricot filling, and the chocolate glaze. I decided to save myself from another dusty bottle languishing on the shelf and forgo the brandy in favor of triple sec which I already had on hand. My cake turned out to be really lovely, from the dense layers of chocolate cake, to the sweet and slightly spiked apricot filling, and even the chocolate glaze which turned out to be glossy, chocolate perfection. And as someone who never says no to a dollop of whipped cream, I whipped up a batch to serve along with the torte. I suppose the Viennese are right, since I couldn't imagine serving this dark chocolate cake any other way.

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