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Cook the Book: Black and White Russian Cookies

[Photo: Caroline Russock]

I figured it would be wise to start out our week of boozy baking with a drink that naturally lends itself to dessert. The White Russian is embraced by teetotalers and stoney dudes like Jeff Daniels. It's sweet and easy to drink and packs a remarkably potent punch. Vodka is mixed with a coffee liqueur, and finished with half and half or even better, heavy cream to make for a cocktail that tastes more or less like a grown-up milkshake. It's a drink rarely ordered with a straight face but has to be one of the greatest sippable guilty pleasures around.

Lucy Baker has adapted The Dude's go-to drink into another guilty pleasure, the black and white cookie, in her newly released cookbook, The Boozy Baker. The coffee flavor goes into the cake-like cookies in the form of powdered espresso and again in it's boozy liquid form (KahlĂșa or any other coffee flavored liqueur), and then again in the black and tan frosting.

The frosting doesn't have that distinct black and white contrast of a traditional black and white due to those few tablespoons of KahlĂșa, but the end result tastes almost like a cafe mocha—coffee, chocolate, and just the right amount of dairy richness. And I have to give Lucy credit for coming up with a batter that finds the perfect balance of cookie and cake texture, which is really the key to the ideal black and white. And the kicked-up frosting would make The Big Lebowski proud.

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