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Cook the Book: Vegetable Tortilla

[Photograph: Caroline Russock]

A small note accompanying this recipe for Vegetable Tortilla from The Book of Tapas by Simone and Inés Ortega advises the cook to serve leftovers cold with a little mayonnaise spread on top. Maybe I've got it backwards but when I started making this tortilla, I was envisioning that exact preparation. In fact, I intentionally made the tortilla a few hours before I planned on eating it so it would have time to cool.

I've always found that tortillas and frittatas are much more flavorful and enjoyable when they've had a chance to sit and let all of the ingredients soak into the eggy binder. This cooling-down period helps with texture as well. When not steamy hot the tortilla can be sliced into neat little pieces that showcase all of the colorful vegetables striated through it.

When it comes to making vegetable tortillas and frittatas, it doesn't pay to skimp on the salt. This is one case where erring on the side of a little too salty is preferable to bland. I salted the vegetables towards the end of their sauté and the eggs before I poured them into the pan. The finished tortilla had all of the fresh summery flavors of ratatouille, and served cold with a bit of mayo, a perfect summer dinner.

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