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Cook the Book: Smoky Oven-Roasted Spareribs

[Photograph: Caroline Russock]

As one might expect, in a book called Pig: King of the Southern Table there's a lot of talk about barbecue. But for those of us who live outside the realm of real barbecue, and might not even have the luxury of an outdoor space to grill James Villas has kindly shared this recipe for Smoky Oven-Roasted Spareribs.

Yes, they are oven roasted, and no, they are not real barbecue but, for coming out of a conventional oven these ribs are pretty spectacular. The secret, aside for a low and slow roast is (gasp) the addition of just a little tiny bit of liquid smoke. The smoke, when paired with the char that the ribs develop in the oven, gives them a quality that just might make you think for a second that they were cooked outdoors over real wood.

The sweet and spicy sauce permeates the meat, and by the time your ribs are done they're flavored through and through, nicely tender while still retaining a bit of chew. Make no mistake, these ribs are far from the real thing but, for a home kitchen, not too shabby.

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