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Dinner Tonight: Sausage and Biscuit Sandwich

[Photograph: Nick Kindelsperger]

I've been experimenting with this biscuit-making business at home, and it turns out it's a lot easier than I suspected. My ultimate guide turned out to be the Homesick Texan, whose simple and stunning recipe works like charm. My original intention was to whip up a batch for an intense version of biscuits and gravy, but after that was done, I still had dozens of biscuits sitting around the kitchen with no real idea what to do with them.

Suddenly, memories of McDonald's starting bubbling in my brain, and all I could think about was a sausage and biscuit sandwich with a single slice of American cheese. It's a dead simple recipe. All you have to do is cook up a patty of sausage and slap it on a biscuit with cheese.

The key is to make those biscuits from scratch. Of course, you could use the frozen kind, but they are really easy to bake at home for a truly memorable version of this breakfast classic.

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