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Cook the Book: Bacon-Pimento Cheese Bread

[Photographs: Caroline Russock]

Pimento cheese is one of my all-time-favorite desert-island foods, so when I came across this recipe for Bacon-Pimento Cheese Bread I was instantly in love. Incorporating all of the ingredients for pimento cheese into a loaf of white bread along with some crisp bacon seemed almost too good to be true. And of course, there was the even more intriguing possibility of spreading the bread with a little more pimento cheese.

In this recipe, adapted from Pig: King of the Southern Table by James Villas a basic white bread dough is dotted with bits of bacon, cheddar cheese, snipped chives, and pieces of pimento throughout. The loaf bakes up beautifully, and none of the flavors are lost. Fresh out the oven it's cheesy and moist enough to eat on its own.


But after a day or two, when the bread had lost a little of its moisture, I used the leftover slices to make what might have been the tastiest grilled cheese to have ever come out of my kitchen. I layered the slices of bread with white cheddar and then spread a layer of bacon marmalade in the center. Toasted on the outside with the gooey cheese and ridiculously delicious marmalade, it was almost too good to be true and even better with the little bits of bacon, pimento, and cheese in the bread.

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