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Buffalo Wings in Dip Form

[Photograph: Kevin Roberts]

There's always a divide between what I want to bring to a party as an appetizer or side dish, and what's portable or easy to reheat. And for all those times I've tried making Buffalo wings in the cramped kitchen at other people's parties, there was a great alternative lurking the entire time.

And that's Buffalo Chicken Dip, which combines all the concepts that make wings grand—tender chicken, buffalo sauce and blue cheese—into a warm dip to spread over crackers or tortilla chips. I needed more of a crunch with the dip, so I sprinkled it with panko bread crumbs, and placed it in the broiler to brown for a few minutes. And the results are gooey, cheesy, chickeny goodness that just screams for a cold beer.

The recipe is adapted from San Diego chef, restaurateur and cookbook author Kevin Roberts, who professes his love of hot sauce by chugging it just for the heck of it. And as for me? Well, I'll stick to showing off my hot sauce adoration by sharing it with others courtesy of this dip.

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