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Cook the Book: Spicy Egg Shooters

[Photographs: Caroline Russock]

Deviled eggs are one of the warm weather foods that I look forward to most. Even though there's nothing preventing me from making them year-round, they've always struck me as a summer food, best when consumed outside on a sunny day. With the weather warming up, I thought it was about time to whip up my my first batch of deviled eggs of the season.

If you follow the recipe for these Egg Shooters from Bromberg Bros.Blue Ribbon Cookbook by Bruce Bromberg and Eric Bromberg you'll find that they aren't exactly deviled eggs, more like hard-boiled eggs topped with Olive Oil Mayonnaise and Pickled Peppers or with Crème Fraiche and Salmon Roe. I decided to take a little liberty with the recipe and tweak it into a fancier form.


For the first version, I mashed the egg yolks with a few spoonfuls of homemade olive oil mayo, and some kosher salt and white pepper. I topped the deviled eggs with some pickled peppers (I had started pickling a few days ago). The creaminess of the mayo and egg yolks was the prefect foil for the tart, spicy pickled peppers.


The second batch substituted crème fraiche for mayo and mashed with the yolks had a wonderful buttery sweetness. The smokey trout and salty roe made these egg shooters not only quite beautiful, but satisfying and positively addictive. I know I'll be returning to these recipes again and again as the weather heats up.

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