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Time for a Drink: the Negroni

[Flickr: Oriol Lladó]

There are few things in life that you can reliably count on. Two of them, as the old saw goes, are death and taxes. With Tax Day now behind us and death hopefully not on the agenda for a while, we can turn our attention to one other thing that is dependably true: the deliciousness of the Negroni.

While enjoyable at any time of year, the crisply bitter Negroni seems particularly well-suited to springtime imbibing. Composed of only three ingredients measured in equal amounts, a Negroni is also remarkably difficult to foul up (though I won't way it hasn't happened) even by novice bartenders.

Created in the Hotel Baglioni in Florence in the 1920s, the Negroni is a classic that owes its longevity to its dependably delicious nature, and is a perfect drink to unwind with after Tax Day while settling in for the weekend.

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