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Grilling: Chicken Fajitas

[Photographs: Joshua Bousel]

20100428-chicken-fajitas-small.jpgIt was two years ago when I first started posting here—right before my top eating holiday, Cinco de Mayo—and shared one of my all-time favorite grilling recipes for skirt steak fajitas. I can't even count how many more times I've made those since then, being such a quick and easy meal that packs an insanely good combination of flavors. It's in my regular rotation.
Although I contend that skirt steak = fajitas, over 100 recipe posts forces some give, and I'm evolving to the next generation in my fajita diet—chicken.

Keeping with the quick and easy part, I threw together a marinade with some standard standard Tex-Mex ingredients I had on hand and tossed in a few chicken breasts pounded to a half-inch thick. Being heavy on lime juice, this had to be a fast marinade, so as soon as I had a fire going, I took the chicken to the grill over high heat until browned and cooked through. Sliced up and piled in a flour tortilla with sauteed peppers, onions, and a little sour cream, it was time to dive in.

A short half hour marinade packed the breasts with the unmistakable flavors of lime and cilantro, and the grill gave it a nice slight-crisp crust that held the sugar and cumin portion. Quick, easy, and full of flavor, these fajitas were delivering—to the full extent of skirt steak, not totally, but enough to take a high position on any Cinco de Mayo menu.

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