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David Lebovitz's Super-Lemony Soufflés

"I realized they might just be the ideal summer dessert."

[Photograph: Caroline Russock]

I haven't had much experience with soufflés, having eaten only one or two in my life and never attempting to make one at home. But with some newly acquired ramekins, a lazy Sunday afternoon, and this recipe for Super-Lemony Soufflés from Ready for Dessert by David Lebovitz, all signs were pointing to soufflé-making.

Truth be told, I was a little nervous going into this whole soufflé endeavor (visions of fallen soufflés haunted me). But as it turned out, these little lemony concoctions were a breeze, not more involved than making a stovetop custard and folding in whipped egg whites.

And once they came out of the oven, perfectly puffy and lightly browned on top, I realized they might just be the ideal summer dessert. The tart lemon flavor was pronounced and bright in a refreshing way. The texture was intriguing—light and meringuey. I could see this recipe working with all manner of fresh citrus, sweet tangerines, and Meyer lemons, or even limes.

Lebovitz cautions against overmixing and deflating the egg whites and in retrospect, I probably could have mixed mine more thoroughly. But all in all, they were pretty fantastic. I can now happily include soufflés into my dessert repertoire.

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