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Dinner Tonight: Chicken Parmesan

[Photograph: Nick Kindelsperger]

Most of my chicken parmesan experiences have been bad ones. You probably know where this is headed—the oversized portions of heavily breaded chicken topped with boring tomato sauces and layer upon layer of greasy cheese.

It's an Americanized version of Eggplant Parmesan, and guess which one I prefer? But it's impossible to stay mad at this recipe from Cooks Illustrated. It's well-proportioned, light on the grease, and clean in flavor. It's easily the best chicken parmesan I've ever had.

The great trick here is that instead of pounding the hell out of large chicken breast, Cooks Illustrated recommends slicing the chicken breast in half horizontally. This smaller portion allows you to get up from the table without hating yourself.

The recipe requires extreme multitasking. You'll boil, broil, sauté, and shallow fry, but it should all be over in 30 minutes or so. Just have everything prepared—all the pans, pots, and wire racks ready to go, and it's a relative breeze. It looks like a lot of instructions, but the process is simple and straightforward. And the result can't be denied.

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