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Sunday Brunch: Simply Perfect Quiche

[Photo: Robin Bellinger]

Until I made onion custard pie on a whim last fall, I didn't even know that I liked quiche. Now I adore it. Having finally acquired a proper porcelain quiche dish, I christened it with Tartine's recipe, which is, unsurprisingly, simple but perfect. The incorporation of crème fraîche makes the custard irresistibly tastier and fluffier, almost like a savory dessert. Keeping the flavoring to thyme, salt, and pepper allows you really to appreciate the eggs and crust.

This crust baked up better than any I have made before (including previous attempts at the same recipe for sweet pies, which were, mysteriously, far less successful). It was easier to handle and flakier once baked. Should my new quiche dish get the credit for these tender-crisp and buttery brown layers? No, I finally realized—most of my recipes for crust make two 10-ouce disks of dough, but this recipe makes two 16-ounce disks. That's a lot more crust! You can, of course, use any unsweetened pastry crust to make quiche, but I thought this generous recipe worked particularly well.

I served the quiche last weekend with a citrus salad inspired by Blue Eggs and Yellow Tomatoes: arrange the supremes of two oranges and two ruby grapefruit on a platter, drizzle with juice squeezed from the rinds and a teaspoon of honey, and sprinkle with pomegranate seeds. It was a gorgeous and indulgent meal.

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