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Sunday Brunch: Cinnamon Rolls

[Photo: Robin Bellinger]

Having regretted offending a few readers with a shortcut recipe for sweet breakfast buns, I finally got around to baking proper yeasted cinnamon rolls. Although they took more time (most of it for rising and therefore requiring nothing of me), they were far easier to make than the quick cinnamon bun recipe with its sticky, exasperating dough. Certain brunch guests will be surprised to learn that cinnamon rolls can be made from scratch in a home kitchen—"Like, from a can?" a friend of mine once asked when informed that I had made the roll she was being handed—but there's actually no trick to it.

These cinnamon rolls were a bit restrained for my tastes. Where I had anticipated (with some eagerness, I'm sorry to say) an almost sickeningly sugary and oozingly buttery treat along the lines of a Cinnabon, this recipe stresses the soft, sweet bread. If you don't want to spend your Sunday afternoon passed out on the sofa, though, a little restraint is a good thing. I look forward to making these rolls again.

Adapted from The America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook.

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