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Simple Matzo Meal Latkes

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A Note from Arthur Schwartz: This is such a humble recipe that it rarely appears in cookbooks. Whenever I have found it in published sources, it is gussied up in some way—apples are added, sugar and spice is added, grated lemon peel. You get the picture.

It does appear on the back of some matzo meal boxes, however, although on the Manischewitz box that I have in my kitchen right now, the eggs are separated and the beaten egg whites are folded into the batter at the end. If you want a sweet pancake, be warned that a batter with sugar will brown quicker than one without.

The following formula is very adjustable, which it has to be, given that every brand of matzo meal behaves differently, absorbing the water and egg to varying degrees. As is, with Manischewitz's matzoh meal, it produces a very light, puffy, eggy pancake. If you would like pancakes with more substance, increase the matzo meal. As the batter stands it gets a little thicker, too. Fry a trial pancake then adjust the batter to taste.

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