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Lime Meltways

[Photograph: Jenny McCoy]

Meltaways were one of the first cookies I made when I began my professional baking career. Just like my former pastry chef Celeste Zecola who gave me the recipe, it's one of my all-time favorites. I've made them in a variety of shapes and flavors, at every restaurant I've worked since.

They're incredibly easy to make and their delicate, crumbly texture makes them terribly addictive. The only catch? The recipe requires a stand mixer to cream the dough to a very light, airy consistency. (I've tried it by hand, and it takes a great deal of time with inferior results.) In this version, I made them with lime zest. But if you'd prefer another flavor—like lemon, vanilla bean or even black pepper—go for it. This dough is as versatile as it gets!

Lime Meltaways

About the author: Jenny McCoy is the pastry chef at A Voce in New York City. When she's not covered in flour or frying bomboloni, you can find her strolling the streets of Fort Greene, Brooklyn, with her little dog Olive.

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