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Cook the Book: Clam and Chile Pizza

"Normally cheeseless pizzas aren't my favorite, but with this one I didn't miss the mozzarella at all."

[Photographs: Caroline Russock]

Andrew Feinberg and his wife Francine Stephens opened Franny's, a pizza spot in Brooklyn in 2004. The goal was to serve fresh and simple Italian fare made from ingredients they could feel good about, and incorporate sustainable practices into the restaurant's daily operations.

Six years later, the place is packed every night and Feinberg is still putting out the pizzas that made Franny's one of the first real Brooklyn destination restaurants.

Alice Waters choose Feinberg as one of the chefs to be included in Coco and she makes sure to stop by for one of his pies anytime she's in Brooklyn.


This Clam and Chiie Pizza has been on the menu for as long as I can remember and I was thrilled to try it out at home. The clam topping for the pizza is made by steaming clams in white wine, onions, garlic, and bay leaves. Once the clams are open, the sauce is strained, mixed with cream, and reduced. The clam sauce is thick and creamy with a wonderful concentrated seafood flavor. A small amount is spread over the pizza dough and the clams are taken out of their shells and placed on top.

While my oven doesn't get quite get hot enough to replicate the char that comes from Franny's wood-fired oven, Feinberg's dough crisped up perfectly on the bottom and had a great chewiness to it. The sauce absorbed slightly into the dough, giving it a wonderful clammy flavor and the little clams browned just the tiniest bit.

Normally cheeseless pizzas aren't my favorite, but with this one I didn't miss the mozzarella at all.

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