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Cook the Book: Raw Scallops with Green Apple and Dashi

[Photographs: Caroline Russock]

New York City's David Chang rose to fame with the help of a lot of pork—slices of belly stuffed into pork buns, and roasted butt for bo ssäm. But some of the most remarkable dishes at Momofuku Ssäm Bar are a little less pork heavy. The raw bar at Ssäm puts out beautifully and thoughtfully composed raw fish dishes and some of the best oysters around. While the ingredients of these plates change on a seasonal basis, the preparation always includes the freshest slices of fish paired with smart and surprising garnishes.

Chang's menu for Coco begins with Raw Scallops with Green Apple and Dashi.

Green apples, raw scallops, poppy seeds, and dashi might seem like unlikely partners, but when the elements come together the flavors make prefect sense. The sweet scallops play off of the dashi's umami, and the apples lend a bit of tart sweetness and crunch.

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