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Cauliflower with Fennel Seeds

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Cauliflower doesn't elicit much excitement at my house. If I announce that it's going to be served with dinner I'm usually met with groans of, "Really?" and, "Do we have to?" But since a bounty of spring vegetables has yet to hit my local market, I picked up a head over the weekend because, besides that I like it, I was curious to try this recipe for Cauliflower with Fennel Seeds from Italian Easy by Rose Gray and Ruth Rogers.

Relatively mild cauliflower paired with sweet tomatoes and liquoricey fennel seeds and basil seemed like an intriguing combination, one that I thought could make this unpopular vegetable a bit more palatable for those who aren't fans. Since the cauliflower and tomatoes aren't cooked to death, the dreaded mushiness factor is eliminated and the bold flavors of the fennel, basil, and chiles make this a side dish that's worth getting excited about, even if cauliflower isn't your favorite.

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