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Sunday Brunch: Red Rice Frittata

[Photo: Robin Bellinger]

As a native Houstonian, I had at least heard of most of the buffet staples featured in The Lee Bros. Southern Cookbook, but a few were completely new to me, reminders that Texas has never been strictly Southern. What was red rice, for example? Spicy, tomato-spiked rice with a sprinkling of bacon sounded promising enough, but what really intrigued me was the suggestion that red rice made an excellent omelet filling.

I have never gotten the hang of omelets, so I decided to try red rice in a frittata, in the spirit of Marcella Hazan's pasta-stuffed version. The result was an unusual but hearty egg dish perfect for a winter meal. It should serve four, I know, but since I easily wolfed down half of it myself while standing at the stove, I've adjusted the yield accordingly.

I also adjusted the Lee brothers' recipe so as to avoid using the blender. To tell the truth, I think you could also skip the step of baking the rice in the oven, as long as you finish cooking your rice on top of the stove; it wasn't clear to me what value the baking added.

You'll end up with much more rice than you need for the frittata, so it may make sense to serve this rice as a side dish for dinner and then use the leftovers at brunch. Maybe it was because the rice's tomato and spice reminded me vaguely of cocktail sauce, but I wanted to eat this with boiled shrimp and a big, lemony romaine salad.

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