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Sunday Brunch: Chai Tea Cupcakes

[Photo: Robin Bellinger]

I know it is probably sacrilegious to talk about Valentine's Day on the morning of that big football game—but this time next week, it will be almost too late to make something special. And how many other days can you get away with cupcakes at brunch?

Actually, you can skip the icing, call them spice muffins, and enjoy these chai tea cupcakes any time, as far as I'm concerned. The recipe was written for mini-muffin tins, and if you do use the icing, you'll get the best ratio with the mini version. I have standard-size tins only, but I was still very happy with my cakelets. Buttercreams are usually too buttery for me, but I liked this silky condensed-milk icing—which is meant to mimic the sweetener in traditional chai—and I look forward to trying it on other cakes. (Although I usually stay away from food coloring, I couldn't resist dying this icing pink; you may prefer its natural color.)

Chai tea cupcakes would make a lovely dessert for any winter brunch or a super-indulgent breakfast in bed on a lovey-dovey day.

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