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Noodles for the New Year: Cantonese Roast Duck Soup Noodles

[Photograph: Jason Wyche]

20100211easyasiannoodleshelenchen.jpgHave you ever walked by the windows full of beautifully lacquered roasted ducks in Chinatown and wondered what exactly to do with them once you got them home? I often find myself gazing longingly at the birds, but I rarely ever buy one to bring home.

If you are looking for an excuse to pick up a roasted duck, I can't think of a better one than Sunday's celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year. Here is a recipe from Helen Chen's newly released Easy Asian Noodles that makes great use of a whole roasted duck, Cantonese Roast Duck Soup Noodles. This easy-to-assemble soup starts out with chicken broth, either homemade or store brought, that is enriched with ginger and rice wine; then, in go the greens, duck, and noodles. The real flavor here comes from the sweet and savory roasted duck, with all of its wonderfully fatty meat. This soup might not be complicated but it's a wonderful warming bowl, and a low-key way to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

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