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BLT Maki Rolls

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When you make a pledge to not eat out or get take-out for an extended period of time, there are certain foods you'll probably miss. For Cathy Erway, author of The Art of Eating In, sushi was one of the big holes in her diet. In the past she had purchased little boxes of prepared sushi to eat for lunch on a regular basis, but during her experiment they were strictly off-limits.

Not being one to succumb to a steady diet of sandwiches for work lunches, Cathy decided to learn how to make her own sushi at home and fill her rolls with a variety of intriguing fillings. These BLT Maki Rolls use the traditional combination of vinegared sushi rice and nori, and replace the fish and vegetables with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and a garlicky mayonnaise. They're not the rolls you'll find in the refrigerated section of your local market, but they're delicious nonetheless and an easily transportable alternative to boring workaday lunches.

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