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Sunday Brunch: Quick Cinnamon Buns

[Photo: Robin Bellinger]

I have a strange fixation with this recipe. It was the first thing I made from The America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook, and it was perfect—fast, heavenly cinnamon rolls from my own oven.

But when I tried to repeat this home baking triumph, something was slightly off, time and again. I've never managed to match that ideal first batch; perhaps my memory is playing tricks on me? No matter—even when the dough seems hard to work with or the finished buns are a little underbaked, they are still homemade cinnamon buns that come together in less than an hour. You can't beat that.

The dough can indeed be difficult to work with, very sticky and all but impossible to knead. Then it will be hard to slice into rolls and scrape off your counter. Just soldier on—the buns will taste great even if they aren't picture-perfect. I like to use a muffin tin to make twelve individual rolls, so that there are more gooey centers and more caramelized edges, but I've also included the original recipe's instructions for making eight pull-apart buns in a cake tin.

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