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Dinner Tonight: Red Posole Stew with Chicken

Not the posole in question, but probably good, too. [Photograph: evelynishere on Flickr]

For some reason, posole was the New Year's dish of 2010. I read about it no less than three times—in the San Francisco Chronicle, in TimeOut Chicago, and on the blog Homesick Texan—with some reference to New Year and hangovers.

I wasn't one to argue—because posole is delicious. Though it is traditionally made with pork, I went with an adaptation of the Chronicle recipe, which was also the simplest, where chicken stock is used. Just imagine the rich, golden broth of a chicken soup. Then add the round, earthy, spicy flavor of a paste made of dried chiles, onion, and garlic. Cut the richness with a squeeze of lime juice and throw in hominy (chewy pieces of dried corn; think grits in huge pieces). Now you've got a basic idea.

I made a big pot of it for some friends on New Year's morning. It was restorative and satisfying, like good chicken soup but far more interesting. (It was also an effective hangover cure, as promised.) A little research reveals that this is a traditional Mexican New Year's dish. The memory of this posole still lingers, and though I doubt I'll wait till next January to make it again, I think I just found my own tradition, too.

Adapted from the San Francisco Chronicle.

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