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Dinner Tonight: Orecchiette with Broccoli Rabe and Goat Cheese


Whenever the words "orecchiette" and "broccoli rabe" appear together in a sentence, my mind always races to the inevitable "sausage" addition. There is a reason for this: the bitter greens need some fat for balance and sausage does a really good job at this. I've written about the pairing before, so I was intrigued when this recipe from Saveur didn't end with sausage, but with goat cheese. How would that work out?

The goat cheese is added towards the end, so it looks all delicate and beautiful. It hangs together for a couple of minutes before eventually breaking down into the pasta, forming a creamy sauce.

The result is somewhere between the traditional sausage-based recipe and mac and cheese, multiplied by vegetables. My wife loved the creamy texture and the hint of lemon zest. I found it, honestly, a little heavy and pined for the lighter touch of sausage. That's probably the first time "lighter" and "sausage" have been in the same sentence together.

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