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Dinner Tonight: Mediterranean Tuna Salad on Focaccia

[Photographs: Nick Kindelsperger]

I've been thinking about tuna and artichoke sandwiches ever since I sampled one from Chicago's Red Hen Bread for my Standing Room Only column. I tend to brown bag tuna salad sandwiches weekly, and yet this one spoke to me in a different way. Instead of being loaded with mayo, it was spiked with artichoke hearts—and it was then I realized, I don't have enough artichoke hearts in my life.

I usually balk at the time and effort it takes to cook a whole artichoke, strip it bare, then deal with the fuzzy insides. But to bypass all that hard work, I went with canned artichoke hearts for this recipe from Whole Foods.


Don't let the few instructions fool you—there are only two steps, and the actual construction takes about a minute, but nine of those ingredients need to be prepped before they hit the bread. It should take about 20 minutes to stem, seed, chop, drain, dice, mince, and squeeze all of the ingredients, but the results are worth it.

This is a wonderfully rounded tuna salad, with a great flavor from the herbs and a nice acidic kick from the lemon juice. It helps if you make your own focaccia bread, something I learned about from fellow Dinner Tonight Contributer Blake Royer. (But it's not essential.)

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