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One Dough = Three Different Cookies

This could be one of the most genius ideas I've had in a while: take one cookie dough, make three different cookies. Sure, someone else out there has probably thought of this, but not me. And if you haven't either, get on it! You will fool your friends and family into thinking you slaved away in the kitchen all day long.

Here's the deal: take a very simple drop cookie dough recipe and mix away. Once it's complete, divide the dough into three parts and flavor each part with something different. In this case, I used chocolate chips, oatmeal and raisins, and citrus zest. (Feel free to get creative here.) Voila, instant cookie platter.


Drop Cookie Dough

- makes 45 cookies (15 of each flavor) -

About the author: Jenny McCoy is the pastry chef at A Voce in New York City. When she's not covered in flour or frying bomboloni, you can find her strolling the streets of Fort Greene, Brooklyn, with her little dog Olive.

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