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Cook the Book: Banana Tart Tatin

"This is a wonderful dessert recipe to keep in your back pocket."


20100104-jamiesfoodrevolution.jpgThe aim of Jamie's Food Revolution by Jamie Oliver is to teach people that making a satisfying meal isn't difficult. So far this week we've covered a simple pasta (Broccoli and Pesto Tagliatelle), an easy curry, and some basic stew and roast chicken, and now it's time for dessert.

Many novice cooks are a bit shy when it comes to baking but this recipe for Banana Tart Tatin is a cinch, especially if you forgo making your own puff pastry as Oliver does in this version.

Tart tatin is nothing more than caramelized fruit topped with a layer of puff pastry, baked and then dramatically inverted to reveal a gorgeous gooey, fruit-topped dessert.

The most complex step is making a caramel, but all that really involves is melting butter and sugar together, some stirring, and a careful eye to make sure it doesn't burn. Aside from that, it's just placing the bananas in the pan, topping with a layer of pastry, and then a half-hour in the oven.

Every good cook should have at least one dessert recipe in their repertoire and this is a wonderful one to keep in your back pocket. It has all of the elements of a more labor-intensive dessert—beautiful presentation, rich flavors, even a fancy French name—but none of the time-consuming parts, like measuring, mixing, creaming, and whipping.

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