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Cook the Book: Chile Verde

When I took the lid off my slow cooker after about eight hours, I knew this recipe for Chile Verde from Make it Fast, Cook it Slow by Stephanie O'Dea was just the kind of dish that slow cookers are made for. What had started early that morning as a bag of some pork, tomatillos, a can of chiles, a few spoonfuls of herbs, and diced tomatoes and onions was now braised to falling-apart perfection, moist, and intensely flavorful.

During my two previous projects I noticed that my slow cooker had been producing a lot of steam and condensation so heeding O'Dea's advice, I covered the stoneware with a layer of aluminum foil to keep the heat in.

This time I had not impatiently stared into my slow cooker every hour to check its progress, so the finished pork was a complete surprise, almost like unwrapping a gift. This is one of the incredible things about the slow cooker—just toss everything in there and sit back and wait for the results.

In this case, the results were pretty incredible. The pork was taco-ready and really delicious. This made me think that slow-cooking is an ideal method of preparing all types of taco fillings, carnitas, rajas, cabrito, even cabeza or tripas.

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