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Dinner Tonight: Chicken-Fried Rice

[Photograph: Nick Kindelsperger]

This recipe won't set off fireworks in the kitchen, or wow unsuspecting dinner guests. It's too humble for that. This recipe from Mark Bittman, to me at least, tastes like home.

It's a clean-out-the-fridge kind of meal. Some fried rice recipes are overly oily and stuffed full of ingredients but Bittman streamlines the recipe, keeping the essentials and discarding the superfluous. The result is a vibrant and clean fried rice recipe, that's blessedly free of hijinks.

Instead of a wok, Bittman recommends using a nonstick skillet. If you don't have xiao shing wine, you can use water. About the only thing I missed was a little spice, but that's nothing a bottle of Sriracha can't help.

Like most fried rice recipes, preparation is key. Everything happens quickly, so make sure to have everything chopped and measured before you begin. The heat will be high, so try not to walk away from the stove in the middle.

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