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Cook the Book: Broccoli and Pesto Tagliatelle

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I constantly have to remind myself that every dinner doesn't have to be a production—nor does every meal have to require a special trip to the market for new ingredients. Sometimes all you have to do is look into your fridge for a little inspiration. This recipe for Broccoli and Pesto Tagliatelle from Jamie's Food Revolution by Jamie Oliver is a satisfying meal that by no means is a big production. The Italians are masters of making extremely satisfying meals out of minimal and inexpensive ingredients—this pasta is a prime example.

Combining broccoli, potatoes, pesto, and tagliatelle, this dish was inspired by a Genovese one, except it uses broccoli—inexpensive and plentiful this time of year—along with potatoes for added creaminess and texture. It comes together in about the same time it takes to actually boil the pasta, making it an easy go-to meal after a trying day.

Maybe pasta has gotten a bad rap in recent years due to its carb factor, but when it comes to quick meals, it's sure hard to beat. Plus, with very little cheese and bounty of vegetables, this dish can hardly qualify as an overindulgence.

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