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Dinner Tonight: Beginner Almond Shrimp Curry with Tomatoes

"It doesn't taste like a beginner's curry."

Anytime I find a "beginners curry" from some well-respected Indian cookbook author, I race to the stove, stumble over my pots and pans, and start making it without delay. Indian cuisine is notoriously complex, and it's hard to make in under an hour. Most quick recipes I've run across trade authenticity for convenience, which then translates to taste. And that's a shortcut I won't take.

But when the recipe comes from a trusted author like Raghavan Iyer and his cookbook 660 Curries, I go wherever he leads.

And I'm glad I did. It's a welcome relief when this simple recipe manages to create so much flavor. The result is a warming curry that seems to wrap its creamy arms around the shrimp.

The tomatoes give it some acidity, the cayenne the spice, and the almonds the depth. But I was mostly just taken with the aroma of the spices, which seem to permeate every bite. About the highest compliment I can say about this recipe is that, despite what its title may claim, it doesn't taste like a beginner's curry.

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