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Bacon Braised Cabbage

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Some of the best recipes in Jamie's Food Revolution by Jamie Oliver are found in the chapter that covers vegetable side dishes. These aren't sides that are going to blow your mind with their innovation, but each dish has an extra element for technique that takes it from being a mere accompaniment to the realm of something that would be just as nice to eat on its own.

Although cabbage isn't something that is normally exciting, Oliver's Bacon Braised Cabbage is pretty incredible. One might take a look at the ingredients for the dish and assume that bacon is responsible for all of the flavor, but it only plays a small part. The real excitement comes from Worcestershire sauce, something that never sees the light of day in my house, apart for the occasional batch of Bloody Marys. Its intense, almost meaty flavor paired with the rest of the elements is what sets this simple braised cabbage apart from others. I made my version with Savoy cabbage, which has a wonderful lacy texture and doesn't turn into mush if overcooked slightly, but this recipe would work equally well with red or even Napa cabbage.

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