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French in a Flash: Truffled Macaroni Gratin

[Photographs: Kerry Saretsky]

I have a New Year tradition. A bottle of champagne and truffles. I have both every year—I think it brings good fortune to have fortunate food on the first of the year. This year, it will be a bottle of rosé and this truffled macaroni gratin. How could that not herald great things?

I start this off, like all great mac and cheeses, with a roux: but this roux begins with truffle butter. Once it is smooth and rich and dappled with bits of black truffle as eggnog is with cinnamon, I add in the cheddar, Gruyère, and the brie, and the rigatoni. I rub fresh baguette crumbs with truffle butter and bake them over the top. Drizzle with black truffle oil, and serve bubbling. It is a cauldron of happiness full of spells to enchant the new year.

About the author: Kerry Saretsky is the creator of French Revolution Food, where she reinvents her family's classic French recipes in a fresh, chic, modern way. She also writes the The Secret Ingredient series for Serious Eats.

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