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Sunday Brunch: Bean Toasts with Herbs and Eggs

[Photo: Robin Bellinger]

My practically bare refrigerator recently managed to produce bean toasts with herbs and eggs. Stale bread plus herbs left over from Thanksgiving cooking plus egg whites left over from making ice cream plus the end of a big batch of beans—it all added up to a hearty and comforting brunch. I love it when that happens.

If you aren't too picky (and I'm not), canned beans would probably be fine here. If you cook your own, make sure you do so gently and keep going until they are really soft and even creamy. I made scrambled eggs because I had to use up those whites, but if you like poached eggs, you'll want one here. These toasts would accompany a piece of ham nicely.

To make breakfasty crostini as part of a big brunch, cut a baguette into thin diagonal slices, brush with oil and toast in the oven on a cookie sheet, and then top with eggs and beans. Finally, bean toasts make a relatively quick and restorative meal all on their own, before, during, or after weekend errands.

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