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Cook the Book: Soft Molasses Cookies

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20091130-cookieman.jpgWhile surveying the many cookies I have baked this week, it occurred to me that they all fall into the crisp, crumbly, and crunchy camp of cookies. So, to mix things up I have decided to end this week with a soft cookie recipe.

These Soft Molasses Cookies from The King Arthur Flour Cookie Companion achieve their perfect soft cookie texture from being pulled out of the oven while the centers are still soft and quite puffy.

As they cool the centers fall creating tiny ridges and canyons sparking with light coating of sugar. The flavor is pretty much unbeatable—rich and earthy with molasses and just the right hint of warm spice from the cloves and ginger. The cookies also turned out to be the ideal cookie size—big enough that you can theoretically be satisfied with one, but not so large that you feel bad about eating a few.

One more note: The King Arthur Flour Cookie Companion is one of the best baking books I have ever used. Every cookie came out perfect, not a single dud. It's a solid five hundred pages of cookie recipes that even the most amateur baker can feel comfortable tackling.

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