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Meat Lite: Rancheros Hash Stacks

If you're hosting a post-holiday or New Year brunch, consider adding these to the menu for versatility and ease. You can make the sauce and toast the tortillas a day or two ahead of time. Just simmer the sauce to reheat and keep the crisp tortillas packed in an airtight container. Prepare eggs to order, which is quick to do if you have a double-burner griddle for frying or an extra-wide high-sided sauté pan for batch poaching. Set the fixings out on the table and let guests assemble their own stacks.

If vegetarians are included, cook the chorizo in a separate pan, proceed with the rest of the sauce, sans meat, and then add half of the sauce to the chorizo to simmer. Consider adding a whole chipotle chile to the vegetarian version to add the smoky kick the chorizo lends (discard the chipotle before serving, lest a guest mistakenly eat it and suffer the painful consequences).

The recipe doubles easily for a bigger crowd. Serve the stacks with simple roasted potatoes (or try Joy Manning's Oven Roasted Potato Wedges with Bacon Grease) and mixed greens.

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