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Grilling: Glazed Carrots

[Photograph: Joshua Bousel ]

I contend that a great many recipes out there can only be made better with grilling. Case-in-point: my mom made some very tasty glazed carrots for our Thanksgiving meal and as good and they were, I was thinking that taking them to the flames would only improve them, so that's exactly what I did.

I grilled a bunch of peeled carrots over a medium-high heat until they were crisp-tender. In the last few minutes of grilling, I started brushing them with a glaze of orange juice, brown sugar, and butter until they had a slight glisten. Off the grill they were hit with some salt and fancied up with thyme—only to be immediately downed. Deep with carrot flavor and a pleasant sweet-but-tart glaze, this second version (no offense, Mom) blew the first away.

Grilled Glazed Carrots

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