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Dinner Tonight: Curried Egg Salad

[Photographs: Nick Kindelsperger]

Egg salad is usually a monochromatic affair thanks to the healthy helping (or, as some people may point out, unhealthy helping) of mayo. Now, I happen to have a soft spot for this style, especially when it's on white bread and paired with something bitter and crunchy like watercress. But I began to wonder whether there was life beyond the basic recipe.

Taking a cue from one of my favorite chicken salads, I found this recipe in Gourmet that pairs hard-boiled eggs with lime juice, curry powder, and chopped apple. The result: a tangy, crunchy salad that's about as far removed from normal egg salad as possible.

It's an incredibly simple recipe. The only difficult part is choosing how to hard-boil the egg. Gourmet doesn't give a recipe but luckily we have Kenji Lopez-Alt for that. They come out perfectly creamy, not chalky and dry.

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