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Cook the Book: Cranberry and White Chocolate Cookies

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20091130-cookieman.jpgAll of the cookies in Nigella Lawson's Nigella Christmas are decidedly festive. The ones that aren't adorned with all types of sprinkles and spangles show their holiday spirit though their color palette and careful choice of seasonal flavors.

These Cranberry and White Chocolate Cookies have brilliant red cranberries and pristine white chocolate, conjuring up images of candy canes and Santa hats. The flavors might not be as traditionally Christmasy as peppermint or eggnog, but these are some damn fine holiday cookies.

The dough uses equal parts oats and flour which makes for a cookie with the toothsome bite of an oatmeal cookie but a lightness that belies their hefty shape. The tart cranberries balance out the white chocolate's sweetness, and the pecans complement the oats with an earthy, nutty crunch.

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