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Chocolate-Earl Grey Shortbread Coins

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Baking a big batch of holiday cookies to share with friends and family is one of the sweetest holiday traditions around. Whether they are packed into plastic baggies with some ribbon or lovingly placed into Martha Stewart worthy vintage decorative tins, home baked cookies are sure to please every time.

This recipe for Chocolate-Earl Grey Shortbread Coins from The Art and Soul of Baking by Cindy Mushet is a variation on the common shortbread, but the addition of aromatic Earl Grey tea and cocoa makes it into one memorable cookie. The dough comes together in the bowl of a food processor, making it a cinch to assemble large batches for cookie-hungry friends. The dough is briefly kneaded and rolled into a long and chilled for easy slicing. But be warned: Making these addictive little cookies might create a cookie baking legacy that have all of the lucky recipients asking for them for years to come.

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