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Cakespy: Gingerbread Mad Men

The perfect holiday cookie between Mad Men seasons.

Gingerbread Don. [Original artwork and photographs: Jessie Oleson]

They say you have to learn the rules before you break them. But is it ever possible to break them just a little bit while you learn them? Case in point: gingerbread men.

I haven't made enough of them to feel comfortable messing with the classic recipe but wanted to have a little fun with this batch nonetheless. The solution? Using a classic recipe—in this case, from Betty Crocker's Cooky Book—but decorating them as Gingerbread Mad Men, inspired by the characters in the AMC series.

Shaped to resemble man-about-town Don Draper, his repressed housewife Betty, and voluptuous secretary Joan, these spicy cookies have a depth of flavor as rich as the depth of these television characters. While this take on gingerbread did the trick, I'm sure any recipe will work—it's the martini glass and briefcase accessories that matter.


Gingerbread Betty.

Gingerbread Mad Men

About the author: Jessie Oleson is a Seattle-based writer, illustrator, and cake anthropologist who runs Cakespy, an award-winning dessert website.

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